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Academic, Executive Functioning and Advocacy Services

The Savvy Tutor provides a wide range of academic and related services, including subject tutoring, test prep, college admissions, general academic support, and special education advocacy services. Students may seek out these services for a wide variety of reasons; whether a student is struggling in school or an academic program, looking to boost their academic or professional skills, or needs general support in multiple subject areas and study skills, Alex can provide the individualized service or set of services that each student needs to succeed.

Online Learning:
Online learning is an effective and increasingly utilized method for teaching and coaching students of all levels. During the coronavirus outbreak, it is essential for students to receive the academic and skills support they need while maintaining a safe physical distance from those outside of their household. Alex/The Savvy Tutor provides effective tutoring, coaching, editing, and advocacy services remotely via platforms such as Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, etc… Using applications and features such as Google Docs, Adobe, screen sharing, and more, Alex is able to work with students and clients as successfully as she is in-person while maintaining the health and wellbeing of everyone.

Executive Functioning Coaching:
Many Westchester students of all ages struggle with executive functioning, which are skills that enable us to plan, prioritize, and successfully execute tasks, make goal-oriented decisions, and think in a flexible way to achieve… Executive functioning coaching consists of helping students learn to identify.

College and Adult Students:
Alex can help Westchester County students in college and graduate school who need assistance with organization, study skills, and test preparation. Additionally, she is an expert in academic writing and research, and can help students completing papers and research projects in many disciplines including the social sciences, history, education, medicine and healthcare, the arts and humanities, and more. Whether you are working on a short essay or a doctoral dissertation, Alex can make the writing process efficient and minimally stressful while ensuring that all final work meets the highest scholarly standards.

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