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Helping New York and Connecticut Students with English, Social Studies, Test Prep and College Admissions.

It is common for Hudson Valley students at all grade levels to struggle with mastery of any curriculum and subject content, so Alex provides tutoring in several subjects in order to help students throughout Westchester & Rockland Counties better understand and ultimately master the content the each school’s curriculum requires students to learn. 

Alex tutors students in the following subjects:

  • English Language Arts (ELA), including reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary
  • Social Studies and Social Sciences, including history, psychology, political science, sociology, anthropology, and related subjects
  • Test Preparation: Alex tutors and coaches students to help them succeed on a variety of standardized tests and teacher-made assessments. Alex focuses on teaching Hudson Valley students the most relevant content, preparing them with strategies for recall, and helping students utilize the most effective methods for understanding and answering questions
    • Standardized tests include the ACT, AP, Regents, Praxis, CLEP, NYSTCE
  • College Admissions: The college admissions process can be confusing and fraught for students and parents alike; Alex provides expert guidance in the entire admissions process, from appropriate school selection through essay writing and editing and completion of the application. Alex can help maximize any Hudson Valley student’s chances of being accepted into a college or graduate program by understanding what admissions committees are looking for from a top candidate and making each student shine. 

Method: Alex utilizes a variety of methods and learning strategies to meet the needs and goals of each student in regards to content mastery. Working with each student’s mandated curriculum, Alex helps students understand, apply, and recall important concepts for successful completion of homework assignments, papers, projects, and exams.

Geometric Shape