Advocacy Services


Many students and families find themselves needing advocacy services at some point during their academic careers. A student or family may need an advocate in situations where additional services or accommodations are needed or warranted, a private or alternative school placement is desired, the home school district is unable or unwilling to appropriately or safely serve your child, or there is noncompliance with your child’s IEP.

In today’s budget sensitive times, where many students need additional services beyond what is being offered by a district, a non-attorney advocate can effectively represent you and/or your child at district and IEP meetings, with the goal of getting the services, accommodations, and placement that your child needs and is entitled to by law.

Special education law is mostly governed by IDEA ’04 and is notoriously vague, which allows districts to keep parents “out of the loop” and to avoid providing appropriate and adequate services to students and families. While many students who need advocacy services have a disability and are thus served under special education, other students may simply have a temporary medical issue that may allow for accommodations under a Section 504 Plan.  Additionally, in the case of a student with a documented disability, there may be issues that fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which allows for additional leverage when dealing with a district or educational institution. 

Alex has successfully advocated for school-aged students and their families, in addition to older students with disabilities, to achieve the desired services, accommodations, and placements. Alex has attended dozens of IEP, 504, and other school meetings and fully understands the procedures involved, including the rights of parents and students. Bringing the appropriate tone and tenor to a meeting or communication with district administrators is key; threats are never productive or well-received, and complacency or passivity will simply not get the job done. Education advocacy is a unique field that requires one to draw from educational research and best practices, legal rights, precedents and case law, and positive communication techniques. Alex’s current success rate is 100%, as she has been able to accomplish every goal for which clients have hired her. If you feel that your school or your child’s school has been unable to meet your needs, and may even be behaving in a negligent or illegal fashion, contact The Savvy Tutor for a consultation to discuss how we can achieve your goals and get your school to work for you!