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Helping New York and Connecticut Students with English, Social Studies, Test Prep and College Admissions.

It is common for NY Metro Area students in all grades to struggle with mastery of any curriculum and subject content. Alex Yoken has provided tutoring in many subjects in order to help students throughout White Plains, Westchester, and Greenwich better understand and ultimately master the material they need to perform well on tests and essays.


Alex utilizes a variety of methods, such as active recall techniques, to help students better understand and apply the concepts they are learning. Alex can assist students with completion of homework assignments, papers, projects, and exams. Alex uses evidence-based learning strategies to help students achieve content mastery. All study, organizational, and recall strategies meet the unique needs and goals of each student, so they learn the skills and strategies they need to become resourceful and independent learners.

Alex tutors students in the following subjects

  • English Language Arts (ELA), including reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary
  • Social Studies and Social Sciences, including history, psychology, political science, sociology, anthropology, and related subjects
  • Test Preparation: Alex tutors and coaches students to help them succeed on a variety of standardized tests and teacher-made assessments. Alex focuses on teaching students the most relevant content, preparing them with strategies for recall, and helping students utilize the most effective methods for understanding and answering questions. Standardized tests include the ACT, AP, Regents, Praxis, CLEP, NYSTCE
  • College Admissions: The college admissions process can be confusing and fraught for students and parents alike; Alex provides expert guidance in the entire admissions process, from appropriate school selection through essay writing and editing and completion of the application. Alex can help maximize any student’s chances of being accepted into a college or graduate program by understanding what admissions committees are looking for from a top candidate and making each student shine. 

English Language Arts

Alex is an expert in ELA, which includes reading comprehension, expository and narrative writing, grammar, vocabulary, and literary analysis. Many Westchester of all ages struggle with reading and writing, which are essential skills for academic success regardless of school or program. Alex can teach students essential reading and writing skills, including identifying main ideas and details, summarizing texts, writing papers and essays, building vocabulary, and learning grammar essentials and writing mechanics. Students from middle school through graduate-level programs can benefit from increasing their skills in some or all of these key areas, and Alex can tailor a reading, writing, or other type of English program to each student’s needs and abilities.

Social Studies & Sciences

Many students at Westchester County schools struggle with social studies, which can include many abstract concepts and ideas. The Savvy Tutor can help students understand and apply key concepts and themes from history, sociology, geography, and many other classes that fall within social sciences.

Test Preparation

Tests are a universal standard when measuring Westchester students for subject and skill competency as well as when making decisions for acceptance and placement in competitive academic programs and institutions. Alex is skilled in preparing Westchester students for standardized and local testing including:

  • ACT English & Reading
  • ACT Writing
  • AP & Regents English and History
  • CLEP

College Admissions

Preparing Westchester Students to apply and stand out during the college admissions process

  • Admissions Essays
  • Proofreading
  • Executive Functioning Coaching
  • Study Skills
  • Resumes & Cover Letters

Succeed in High School, College, & Grad School

The Savvy Tutor provides help with time management, organization, executive functioning, and support writing admissions essays and academic research papers.

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